Shxwt’a:selhawtxw- The House of Long Ago & Today has been in operation since 1995. This program offers teachers and students a hands on approach to learning about the Stó:lō way of life, philosophy, technology and culture. Stó:lō artists and crafts people are the cultural interpreters who create or present original objects and replica pieces while interacting with the students.

Through this interactive learning program, the students are able to understand the history, culture and the traditions of the Stó:lō people. A hands on approach to learning in the classroom. Bringing the presentations
to the school and making it part of the curriculum will promote the continuation of living cultural opportunities.

As has been its purpose in the past, Shxwt’a:selhawtxw will continue to meet the following objectives:

  • Enhance knowledge and history of the Stó:lō Language and Culture; for students, parents and school District Staff
  • To develop and increase accurate information regarding the loss and rebirth of Stó:lō Culture and history;
  • Learn about the influence and effect of our Culture to the land and to share that knowledge with the school and community.
  • Educational Partnership with Chilliwack School District and others; for the development of Stó:lō curriculum materials and presentations.
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