Mentoring Program

The Chilliwack Mentoring Program is a joint initiative of the Chilliwack School District and the Chilliwack Teachers’ Association. The Mentoring Committee consists of teachers, school administrators, and District staff. We meet regularly to ensure that we are providing the best possible opportunities and support for new teachers and teachers in new positions.

We plan in-service opportunities designed to offer you just-in-time support as we progress through each school year. We also offer specific mentoring training for the many mentor-teachers in the District. 


Your local contacts include:
Shawna PetersenJennifer ThiessenReid Clark

The start of your career is a bit like a roller coaster ride, often filled with periods of excitement, enthusiasm, anticipation, frustration, discouragement and confusion. It helps to have someone support you when you need it. The Mentor Program can pro-vide you with time, resources and work-shops to support you with your professional learning. 

The Mentor Program is completely voluntary, so you can take advantage of as much or as little as you want. To get started, simply contact the Mentoring Committee, your Principal or the CTA. 



  • Questions answered quickly in a non-threatening manner 
  • Regular, timely support and suggestions 
  • Advice when you ask for it from an experienced peer 
  • Release time to discuss and work on professional growth 
  • Mutual collaboration and support 
  • Modeling of effective practice 
  • Professional feedback

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