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The Chilliwack School District Learning Services Include:


Career Education

  • Oversees planning and delivery of all Career Programs in the Chilliwack School District from K-12.


  • Here to support teachers and staff with new curricular implementations, collaboration and professional development.

Early Learning

  • Encompassing the following programs:

    • Kindergarten

    • Ready, Set, Learn!

    • StrongStart

Indigenous Education

  • Services the entire district with learning and equitable education opportunities, training and tools to enhance Indigenous values within our school system

Student Services

  • Assists schools when providing support and equitable access to learning, achievement and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our students' education.



Departmental Calendars

June 7th
Resource Tasting
June 14th
Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee
June 21st
Indigenous Day
July 12th
Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee
August 9th
Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee
September 13th
Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee
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