Student Services

About Us

In the Chilliwack School District, service delivery for all students is founded on the belief that children and young people function best in a healthy classroom environment, within a healthy school, within a healthy community. The Student Services Department assists schools when providing support and equitable access to learning, achievement and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our students' education. 

With few exceptions, all children are meaningfully included and fully participating members in our neighbourhood schools.

As a department, we believe:

  • all students deserve to be meaningfully included in their school community
  • students are supported best when schools, families and our community work together
  • communication and collaboration between schools and families is essential when planning for our students' education
  • in focusing-on and celebrating our students' strengths while recognizing and supporting their stretches
  • all students deserve an excellent educational experience. This experience includes, not only academics, but also electives, extracurricular activities, arts, sports, clubs, field trips and the promotion of social interaction with their peers


Salvina Sharp, District Principal - Phone: 604.794.5553

Jessica Adams-Loupret, District Vice-Principal - Phone: 604.794.5553

Administrative Support

Lisa Ball - Phone: 604.794.5553 (2221) / Fax: 604.794.7689

Heidi Schmidt - Phone: 604.794.5553 (2222) / Fax: 604.794.7689