Gifted & Talented

What does the Teacher of the Gifted & Talented Do?

The helping teacher provides support and information to help parents and teachers address the learning needs of our district's gifted students.

Approximately 2-4%of the student population has a high level of cognitive functioning that would meet the criteria for Ministry Category designation as a gifted student.

These students may be assessed at the school level through referrals to the School Based Team and parents written permission.  Students in the gifted category have Individual Education Plans (IEP) that may document areas of academic differentiation to better meet and challenge their learning styles and potential.

The Teacher of the Gifted & Talented can:

  • Attend School-Based Team meetings and IEP meetings
  • Provide support for teachers, parents and students
  • Help with identification and assessment of students
  • Help with development of Gifted IEPs
  • Provide teachers with challenge materials for classroom
  • Organize and offer opportunities for students to participate in district and out of district gifted activities
  • Provide information and training sessions to teachers

Books Available

The Helping Teacher has a small library of books about gifted children/students available for borrowing by parents and teachers.  Please contact her directly for further information.

For more information call:

Wendy Nelson, Teacher of the Gifted and Talented
Student Services - Phone: 604.703.1729  /  Fax:  604.703.1774