A Division of Learning Services

Vision Statement

In the Chilliwack School District, service delivery for students with special needs is founded on the belief that children and young people function best in a healthy classroom environment, within a healthy school, within a healthy community.

With few exceptions, children and youth with special needs are integrated into regular classrooms within neighbourhood schools.

As a department, we believe in:

  • viewing the child/youth holistically
  • focusing on the unique strengths, abilities and needs of the child/youth
  • including teachers, parents, and students (when appropriate) in the planning process
  • integrating and coordinating services and resources
  • sharing decision-making, academic and social development
  • working with the school, home and community to support the child/youth in his or her environments


Janet Hall, Director of Instruction - Phone: 604.792.1321 (1725)

David Manuel, District Principal - Phone: 604.792.1321 (1757)

Colin Reid, District Vice-Principal - Phone: 604.792.1321


Administrative Support


Doris Heller - Phone: 604.792.1321 (1742) / Fax: 604-.703-1774

Heidi Schmidt - Phone: 604.792.1321 (1745) / Fax: 604.703.1774

Lisa Ball - Phone:  604.792.1321 (1741) / Fax: 604.703.1774